We Buy Meteorites

We are buying meteorites, we are buying meteorites at whole sale prices. If you have a whole sale price on meteorites please drop us an email with your offer. I specialize is iron meteorites but will purchase just about any kind of meteorite or meteorite related items if the price is right. I am looking to purchase lots of meteorites, not just a single piece although if the piece is priced right I am still interested. So if you are a meteorite hunter and are looking to sell your finds or you have had a meteorite sitting your barn for the last 20 years I am very interested in hearing what meteorites you have for sale. I am interested in buying chondrite's, irons and pallasite's so don't be shy just send an email with your offer .I am buying all types of meteorites so if you are selling a meteorite or a group of meteorites let us know. Perhaps we can make a deal. We Buy meteorites!

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